Friday, November 15, 2019

Story image for wedding dress shopping from Fashionista (blog)

Introducing Floravere, the First Direct-to-Consumer, Made-to ...

Fashionista (blog)-Nov. 1, 2016
(The sample fees will be credited back with the final dress purchase.) ... wedding dress shopping, which they feel doesn't offer that wedding dress experience.
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ModCloth and other online retailers want to shake up the ...

Digiday-Apr. 10, 2016
More online retailers are expanding to offer modern bridal dresses at lower ... Jaeger said that in bridal shops, the “try-on problem” is frustrating these owners.
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Why Jackie Kennedy's wedding dress designer was fashion's ...

New York Post-Oct. 17, 2016
In 1953, when Ann Lowe received a commission to create a wedding gown for .... daughter” Ruth Alexander — who had helped Lowe at her shop for years.
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Exclusive: See Kym Johnson's Sensational Second Wedding ...

Style News - StyleWatch - 5, 2016
“She knew it was the one,” says her wedding planner Michael Russo. “It's an off the rack dress but we made modifications to it to make it her own. Initially she ...

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