Friday, November 15, 2019

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Shop The Short Wedding Dress 16, 2016
Taking our initial cue from the 1950's affinity for the short wedding dress, we have compiled some modern?options for the bride who enjoys something a little ...

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Curvy Girls, Listen Up: We've Found Your Dream Wedding ...

Refinery29-Apr. 25, 2016
But nothing can make a new bride-to-be come crashing down to earth like wedding dress shopping — especially a curvy bride-to-be who's discovering the ...
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5 things you need to know before buying your wedding dress ...

Metro-Dec. 30, 2016
They had the boho vibe I wanted for our wedding in Greece, and most of the dresses were much less expensive than I'd seen in shops (because unfortunately ...
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Bridal Buddy makes it easier for brides to use the bathroom in ... 23, 2016
During her years working in a bridal shop, and later owning her own store, ... that make up so many wedding dresses, before squeezing into a bathroom stall, but ...

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