Friday, November 22, 2019

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See the Stunning Armani Wedding Gown Beatrice Borromeo ... (blog)-Jul. 25, 2015
Update, 8/2: Another beautiful wedding celebration means another dress to match for Beatrice Casiraghi (formerly Borromeo). As the newly-minted royal ...
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You can buy a slice of Princess Diana's wedding cake

Fortune-Jun. 4, 2015
You can now buy slices of cake from a slew of royal weddings. A slice of fruit cake from Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding headlines an auction of ...
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Sweden is ready for the Royal Wedding of the year

Royal Central-Jun. 13, 2015
In just a few hours time, the royal wedding of the year takes place in Stockholm. The only son of the King and Queen of Sweden, Prince Carl Philip, marries Sofia ...
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Princess Mary and Prince Frederik will attend Swedish royal ... 29, 2015
The wedding in Sweden's royal chapel will convert the pretty brunette into HRH Princess Sofia, Duchess of Värmland, the palace recently confirmed.

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