Friday, November 22, 2019

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A Jezebel Mom Remembers the Wedding of Prince Charles ...

Jezebel-Jul. 29, 2015
During that time, the royal couple were inescapable as the press trailed them, documenting every stage of their courtship, including Prince Charles' on-going ...
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Seven things to know about the big Royal Wedding of 2015

Royal Central-Jun. 7, 2015
Exactly a week from today the Royal Wedding of the Year will take place in Stockholm. The only son of the King and Queen of Sweden, Prince Carl Philip, will ...
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The Most Stylish Royal Weddings of the Decade . . . So Far

Vanity Fair-Aug. 6, 2015
There is something intrinsically cinematic and otherworldly about a royal wedding, no matter who its participants may be or what they may look like. They are ...
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American tabloid OK! claims 'Prince Harry and Pippa ...

Daily Mail-Dec. 9, 2015
American tabloid OK! claims 'Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton are enjoying a secret romance' after 'snogging in a bathroom at the royal wedding in 2011'.

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