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What Do Lady Gaga and Zendaya Have in Common? This ...

Who What Wear-Oct. 27, 2019
In many ways, this formative experience was the seedling that led to her career in buying and curating vintage jewelry. From weekend pop-ups to collaborations ...
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The Official Dos and Don'ts of Shopping Vintage Jewelry

Who What Wear-Jul. 27, 2019
Walking into a store to purchase a diamond stacking ring is one thing, but if you're in the market to invest in vintage jewelry, there are a few things you should ...
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The Vintage Jewelry Dealer Debuting a New Line of Offbeat ...

Vogue.com-Oct. 28, 2019
Bernard Cohen, who has been dealing in antique jewelry for decades, has just launched a line of his own designs, a collection that features charmingly ...
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How To Build An Antique/ Vintage Jewelry Collection

Forbes-Jun. 18, 2019
While browsing the recent Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show and talking to exhibiting dealers and store buyers , I began to think, with all of the antique ...

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