Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for wedding dress shopping from People Magazine

Inside Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise's Patriotic Weekend

People Magazine-May 26, 2009
Holmes, who wore a simple black dress, shared the stage with her Broadway costar Dianne Wiest. Together, they told the story of Staff Sargent Jose Pequeno, ...
Story image for wedding dress shopping from Mirror.co.uk

Coleen Rooney: We talk to her exclusively on her Valentines ...

Mirror.co.uk-Feb. 7, 2009
We've been having a great time since our wedding. ... in mags, sometimes I'm not – the other day I was only in one of them saying I was wearing a black dress, that's it. ... But I haven't been big on shopping lately, because I haven't had time.
Story image for wedding dress shopping from Marie Claire.co.uk

Who wore it best? Katy Perry vs Nicky Hilton

Marie Claire.co.uk-Apr. 14, 2009
... line for H&M is proving a massive hit with the A-list, weeks before hitting stores. ... For Hilton, the dress got its outing at a Las Vegas party, hosted by the ...

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