Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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How To Shop a Large Antique/Vintage Jewelry Show

Forbes-Jan. 14, 2019
Whether you are a serious antique and/or vintage jewelry collector or a novice, shopping one of the largest U.S. antique shows can be both exhilarating and ...

Trendzilla: Brooklyn Bleu Brings Eye-Catching Vintage ...

OC Weekly-Oct. 18, 2019
Vintage jewelry, however, has always been sought after, but mostly by older, fine antique collectors and avid estate jewelry gleaners. Part of this divide is due in ...
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Valentine Vintage Jewelry and Keepsake Art

wnep.com-Feb. 2, 2019
The Shop at 9 in Scranton takes your sentimental vintage brooches, earrings and other jewelry that you are no longer wearing but can't part with, and makes a ...
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The Item I Wear to Death: My Vintage Kale Necklace

MarieClaire.com-Apr. 17, 2019
Her jewelry box covered the top of her eight-foot dresser and served as a roadmap of all her travels and memorable shopping trips. (Once, a simple, "Grandma, ...

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Pearl Necklace said...

Gershenzon on dualistic structures 131
rival Chaadaev, each foreigner driving to watch the big gun and
the great bell. The gun, which can not shoot, and the bell, which
fell before called. An amazing city where
the sights are ridiculous; or maybe the large
a bell without a tongue -- hieroglyph expressing this huge dumb country
which inhabits the tribe, who called themselves Slavs, as if
wondering what is the word of man" (There. same. P. 175). I think
this is a very semiotic observation, we can discover many
And even the problem of the Slavophiles, too, can be clothed in an unusual form.
Masquerade 1846 brought the problem to the secular society of that time:
"can the Russian apparel to be entered in the costume? According to the testimony of
the correspondent of "Northern Bee", masquerade S. A. Korsakov brilliant
resolved the task in a positive sense: the Russian apparel completely overshadowed
all of the others. This was a lesson, visual learners, staged with dostatochnoe
conviction in the presence of 700 guests. The masquerade opened with a dance
the costumes of the age of Louis XV and antique-mythological; when enchanted eyes
quite satisfied with this luxurious foreign sight, -- at midnight
the music had stopped, the doors flew open, and the sounds of Russian choral songs
hall joined the national procession. Ahead was a dwarf, carrying a native
birch tree, which was decorated with colored ribbons with inscriptions in Russian
sayings and Proverbs, followed by the Prince and Princess in their best clothes and 12 pairs
the boyars with baranami, in rich velvet coats and sarmalkar, in brocade
dushegreya and pearl padisah, then the boyaryshnya with blond braids, in
sundresses, etc.; the procession was made from a bell choir, singers and the household; he sang
the verses, written by S. N. Stromilova and put to music in the Russian style
A. A. Alyabieva:
We gathered to the Lord,
The hospitable host" (Ibid. P. 102-103).
This long quotation is justified by the fact that before us was the task
practical semiotics: how everyday type of clothing (=sign) to make
masquerade, especially in a situation of conviviality, that is, special conditions
functioning. This is probably facilitated by the fact that the type of the viewer
did not perceive it as common.