Saturday, November 23, 2019

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Royal wedding: Tatiana Santo Domingo's bridal look 1, 2013
She is usually seen in their creations, just two days ago, she chose crimson Missoni coloured dip-dye dress for her pre-wedding dinner, which took place in ...
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Prince Charles expected to be an involved granddad to royal ... 16, 2013
In one of the most endearing moments of the royal wedding, Charles lifted up bridesmaid and step-granddaughter Eliza Lopes on the balcony of Buckingham ...
Alison Jackson: Is that you, Baby Cambridge? 15, 2013
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Royal wedding fever hits Sweden

The 19, 2013
The Swedish royal family gathered in the Royal Chapel in Stockholm on Sunday for the publication of the banns of marriage ahead of the wedding of Princess ...
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Prince Harry presented with Coronation goblet after unveiling ... 4, 2013
Harry, 27, was handed a Coronation goblet after he unveiled a plaque by Westminster Abbey which commemorated the Royal wedding of William and Kate.

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