Saturday, November 23, 2019

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Here come the stylish Monegasque brides: two royal ... 8, 2013
Until then, there was a whole generation of people who had never experienced the pomp and ceremony of a really, really, fabulously extravagant royal wedding.
Princess Grace's grandson to wed longtime girlfriend (blog)-Aug. 7, 2013
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“Everyone Cares, That's Who:” Kate Middleton For the Win ...

Vanity Fair-Jan. 29, 2013
Back before the royal wedding, Anne Victoria Clark's hilarious Tumblr “Kate Middleton for the Win” spawned thousands of laughs (and likes) with its pictures of ...
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How to Get Pippa Middleton's Bottom: Underwear Kate's Sister ...

E! Online-Aug. 9, 2013
And seeing as the demand for similar versions of the 29-year-old's figure-flattering Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress skyrocketed after the royal wedding, ...

Three royal weddings and a birthday

Royal Central-Sep. 3, 2013
Basking in the exhilaration of Prince George's recent nativity, royal watchers everywhere were treated to more blissful news this weekend as three royal couples ...

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