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Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: See Audrina Patridge's Wedding Dress from Her Hawa...

Pearl Necklace | Pearl Jewelry: See Audrina Patridge's Wedding Dress from Her Hawa...: See Audrina Patridge's  Wedding Dress  from Her Hawaiian ... - Nov. 7, 2016 The Hills stars are all getting hitched! ...

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Pearl Necklace said...

Everywhere we find expressed or
implicit belief that every person is ambivalent, and when he dies,
his other "I" - will it be there, near him, or will recede into the distance -
may, in any case, to return to it and retains the ability
to harm his enemies and help friends { Critical
relevant reader may make one objection: if the offer
the rationalistic explanation regarding the cult of animals, how
this explanation may be based on the recognition of belief in the spirits of the dead
ancestors - beliefs, which in itself requires no less explanation?
Of course, this raises a significant dent in my argument, but I
hope to be able eventually to fill it. So far, between
many data, contributing to the generalization of given beliefs, I can
only briefly to point out some main points. 1) it is Highly possible that
shadow succeeded everywhere over the savage, Savelovskaya every time he
moved, they could largely give him a vague idea of it
duality. It is enough to see what interest it excites children
the motion of their shadows and to remember that in the primitive state, the shadow could not
be interpreted as the absence of light: it is looked upon as a special
creature; enough to admit that the savage is very easy could look at the shadow
as something separate and constituting a part of him. 2) Much more
a certain idea of the same kind could occur when the reflection in the water face
and figures of primitive man. This image is in fact passed else
usually, in all its forms, colour, movement and faces. Recall also that
savage often opposed to drawing the portrait with him, believing that who
take his portrait", he takes the part of his creatures; then we'll see
how likely will it allow the thought that his double in the water is
real being belonging to some extent to himself. 3) Echo
also quite a lot to promote this idea on
the duality manifested in a different way.