Friday, November 15, 2019

End of an era for bridal shop

Toronto Sun-Aug. 25, 2016
This iconic wedding wear company would be considered the trailblazer of the bridal industry (and all those popular TV wedding dress shows) given it came on ...
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Inside Kimberley Walsh's Barbados wedding today – the dress ... 30, 2016
In January of this year Kim revealed they still didn't have bridesmaid dresses though. She told Reveal: "We've not been bridesmaid-dress shopping yet, but I'm ...

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How to Say Yes to The Dress...without the drama

Irish Independent-May 23, 2016
Wedding dress shopping should be one of the most exciting and joyful times in ... We got the inside scoop from two of Ireland's best bridal boutiques on some of ...
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Dianna Agron's Wedding Dress Was Not the Valentino You've ...

Us Weekly-Oct. 19, 2016
In fact, she was all dressed in white! While it was widely reported that Dianna Agron wore an embellished Valentino dress on her wedding day, Stylish can ...

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