Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for vintage jewelry from New York Times

Jacquie Aiche, the California Girl of Jewelry Design

New York Times-Sep. 11, 2018
... from various vacations, large rocks, feathers, small statues picked up at flea markets and a shrine filled with, among other things, vintage dollhouse teepees.
Story image for vintage jewelry from Seattle Times

A gem of a job: Rhinestone Rosie has Seattle shop, TV gig

Seattle Times-Nov. 28, 2018
Rosalie Sayyah has been repairing and selling costume and estate jewelry in Queen Anne for 34 years, and appraising on “Antiques Roadshow” since 1998.
Story image for vintage jewelry from Interior Design

Miansai Turns Vintage Wheels Into Mobile Shops

Interior Design-Apr. 27, 2018
Yes, the fashion cognoscenti knows we're talking about Miansai, the jewelry, ... Design savvy that he is, Saiger chose not any vehicle, but super cool vintage ...
Story image for vintage jewelry from iMore (press release) (blog)

How to get the perfect vintage wedding dress for less

iMore (press release) (blog)-Sep. 6, 2018
Whether you want an actual vintage gown or a handmade retro style gown ... While you're here, you can also buy wedding decor, stationery, jewelry, and bridal ...

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