Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for vintage jewelry from Forbes

Mona Jensen Discusses Her Lifestyle Brand, Tom Wood

Forbes-Jul. 30, 2018
Specializing in contemporary yet timeless pieces, from jewelry to sunglasses and ... Such as vintage jewelry, they always tell a story and were there for a reason.
Story image for vintage jewelry from Arizona Daily Star

4 Tucson-area antique fairs worth visiting this fall

Arizona Daily Star-Sep. 5, 2018
As the summer heat gives way to cooler fall temps, antique hunters have ... selling everything from vintage jewelry and antique photographs to classic toys and ...
Story image for vintage jewelry from The Hyattsville Wire

New Vintage Shops Opens in Hyattsville

The Hyattsville Wire-Aug. 28, 2018
Holli Mintzer spends her free time at estate sales, auctions, thrift stores and flea markets. Her target: Vintage clothing, jewelry, art and more. Now she's sharing ...
Story image for vintage jewelry from New York Times

3 Women Grew Up Surrounded by Art. Guess What Their ...

New York Times-Mar. 24, 2018
And in the realm of fine jewelry, a trio of thirtysomething designers — Mary .... who credited her flair (which relied on inventively mixing vintage flea market finds ...

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N. M.Tarabukin says: "the frescoes of ancient Egypt, Assyro-Babylonia,
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depicted body, the face is substituted for the mask..." (Tarabukin, N. M.Portrait
as the problem of style // Art of the portrait. -- M., 1928. C. I 59; see also:
Markelov G. I. 's Identity as a cultural-historical phenomenon (studies on
the history of individualism). -- Vol. 1. SPb., 1912).)
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