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IN PHOTOS: Pomp and pageantry at the royal wedding in Brunei

Rappler-Sep. 23, 2012
Glittering jewels and the echoes of a 17-gun salute marked the climax of wedding celebrations for the daughter of one of the world's wealthiest men, the Sultan ...
Pomp, pageantry in Brunei royal wedding 23, 2012
Now THAT'S a Royal Wedding!
The Borneo Post-Sep. 20, 2012
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Gossip Girl Exclusive First Look: Will Dan Stop Blair's Royal ...

TVLine-Jan. 25, 2012
Chuck Bass makes a startling admission in Gossip Girl's wedding-themed 100th episode that should put a smile on the faces of Dair 'shippers everywhere.
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Gift fit for a queen: Four nights in Kate Middleton's wedding ... 13, 2012
The package includes four nights in the Royal Suite, where Kate spent her last night as a ... Before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding last year, the ...
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David Beckham says Victoria had to sit next to the toilet at ... 19, 2012
David Beckham says Victoria had to sit next to the toilet at Royal Wedding ... television, telling the world about her toilet habits during the Royal Wedding today.

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