Saturday, November 23, 2019

Story image for royal wedding from Daily Mail

A slice of Royal history! Piece of Kate and William's wedding ...

Daily Mail-May 2, 2012
Two other slices of royal wedding cake are also set to be sold that the same auction - a piece of the Royal wedding cake from the 1981 marriage of Prince ...
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Why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will break with royal ... 8, 2012
The Duke of Cambridge's nannies played such an important role in his life that the son of one of them, Tom Pettifer, was a page boy at the royal wedding.
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Camilla's remarkable royal transformation 22, 2012
Camilla "was seen as being the other woman in their marriage and at one point, it looked impossible that she would be integrated as a member of the Royal ...
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Queen told William to 'get rid of' Royal Wedding guest list

ITV News-May 22, 2012
The Duke of Cambridge has said that his grandmother the Queen told him to tear up the official guest list for his wedding to Catherine Middleton. He said that ...

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