Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for vintage jewelry from Vogue.com

How Stunning Antique Jewels Are Sold and Shared Around ...

Vogue.com-Feb. 7, 2019
At the Miami Beach Antique Show, I gleefully spend two days entirely indoors, .... “Italian women want things that are wearable, jewelry that is not only a ...
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New Jewelry Exhibitors Make Strong Impression At TEFAF ...

Forbes-Mar. 19, 2019
New Jewelry Exhibitors Make Strong Impression At TEFAF Maastricht .... Two London-based vintage jewelry dealers put on their annual display of exceptional ...
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Vintage fashion collector brings annual pop-up market to ...

The Oakland Press-May 6, 2019
Most of the clothes Schwartz offers are made in the United States, and she sells a variety of vintage items including patterns, prints, unique designs and jewelry.
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From vintage goods to custom furniture, these women-owned ...

MassLive.com-Apr. 9, 2019
"My passion is vintage jewelry, anything that's blingy. I love crystals and rhinestones and the glamor," Siskind said. "The suburban towns don't have stores like ...

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