Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for vintage jewelry from Refinery29

Put A Ring On It: Our Guide To Your First Big Jewelry Purchase

Refinery29-Apr. 16, 2019
Do I want a vintage ring, and have it come with all those crazy vibes and history? ... These are essentially the three avenues for today's fine-jewelry shoppers, ...
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Something Old: Restoring and Resetting Vintage or Antique ...

Our Community Now at Maryland (satire) (press release) (blog)-Aug. 23, 2019
If your heart is set on wearing an old piece of jewelry for your nuptials, be sure to give it some love prior to the big day. Whether it's vintage or antique (antiques ...
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Dua Lipa Proves That a Little Chanel Goes a Long Way

Vogue.com-Aug. 16, 2019
... undoubtedly her Chanel choker, replete with interlocking Cs. In fact, the British singer is amassing quite a collection of vintage jewelry from the French house.
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Caron Callahan Arrives in Nolita, Zola's First Store, and a ...

The Cut-Jan. 6, 2019
Designer of approachably feminine, cool-girl basics Caron Callahan has opened her first store, with mary janes, quilted jumpsuits, and vintage jewelry (243 ...

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