Saturday, November 16, 2019

Story image for wedding dress shopping from Daily Mail

Here comes the bride! Phoebe Hooke dazzles in backless ...

Daily Mail-Dec. 28, 2015
Here comes the bride! Phoebe Hooke dazzled in a custom Alex Perry gown with sheer sleeves adorned with leaf embroidery in Sydney on Monday.
Story image for wedding dress shopping from Irish Independent

Joanna Kiernan: 'I'm a bride-to-be, get me out of here!'

Irish Independent-Apr. 26, 2015
I have never been the type to dream of my wedding day. .... In total, I visited nine bridal shops and tried on at least six dresses in each, bar one - where there was ...
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Everything You Need to Be a Pinup Bride

POPSUGAR-Apr. 29, 2015
Then perhaps a modern wedding — complete with structured jumpsuits, a pair of shorts, or flowy ... Keep reading to see and shop it all. Source: ... It doesn't always need to be short and sweet — even long veils pair well with tea-length dresses.

Christina's Bridals opens in Downtown Easton 18, 2015
Christina Galdieri is offering brides something old and something new. Her shop Christina's Bridals includes new samples and once-worn gowns at 25 to 60 ...

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