Saturday, November 23, 2019

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Princess Madeleine's royal wedding: Live Blog

The 8, 2013
Sweden's Princess Madeleine marries Chris O'Neill today in a lavish royal wedding ceremony in Stockholm. We're following the whole thing live - with reporters ...
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20 Iconic Photos Of Kate Middleton & Prince William's Royal Life

Business Insider-Apr. 29, 2013
September 30, 2011: The two visit with a young patient while opening a cancer clinic at the Royal Marsden Hospital's Oak Centre for Children and Young ...
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The friends who will be part of Kate Middleton's elite baby club 5, 2013
As William's goddaughter, their little girl was invited to be a bridesmaid at the royal wedding in 2011. The Duchess was seen comforting Grace on the balcony of ...
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Time for the Duchess of Cambridge to dress for the royal baby ... 13, 2013
As well as being fashionable, maternity wear must be practical, so the royal ... made its second appearance, when Kate donned it for the wedding of friends ...
Nursery designs for Kate and William's baby 10, 2013

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