Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Ellie Goulding Recalls Singing for Prince William and Kate on ... 26, 2016
And when the car drove past Buckingham Palace, Goulding couldn't resist dishing on her pre-royal wedding performance jitters. “I did their first dance and like, ...
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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and the myth of royal purity

The Guardian-Nov. 2, 2016
The very concept of the royal family is the antithesis of diversity. The terminology says it all: “blue blood”, from the Spanish sagre azul, coined in the late 1500s to ...
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Queen gets BEHIND the camera in never-before-seen home ... 22, 2016
Narrated by members of the royal family, including Prince Charles and Princes Harry and William, some of the footage has never even been viewed by the family ...
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Oh, the Fascinators! Looking Back at the Fashion Winners and ...

E! Online-Apr. 28, 2016
Tomorrow marks a very special anniversary. It has officially been five years since the world was introduced to Princess Beatrice's Royal Wedding fascinator.

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