Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Prince William and Prince Harry replace Queen Elizabeth II in ...

CNN International-Dec. 20, 2016
The Queen will pass the patronages on to other members of the royal family in the coming months. According to Buckingham Palace, she is patron of more than ...
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Royal divorce 'painful and sad'

Views and News from Norway-Aug. 5, 2016
Norway's Royal Palace chose a Friday evening when many Norwegians are still ... Princess Martha Louise married Ari Behn in a lavish wedding at the historic ...
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PHOTOSLady Charlotte Wellesley Marries Alejandro Santo ...

Closer Weekly-May 31, 2016
Another royal weddingOpens in a new Window.! The Duke of Wellington's youngest daughter, Lady Charlotte Wellesley, married Alejandro Santo Domingo, 39, ...
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Brother of Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle says he ...

The Sun-Nov. 15, 2016
ROYAL wedding could be on the cards if Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle's brother is to be believed. Thomas Markle is 100 % behind the couple and ...


Pearl Necklace said...

General principles of taxonomy, operating systems and Tornatore
Linnaeus, by the method of Adanson remain valid for A.-L. Jussieu,
Vic d Azira, of Lamarck, of Candolle. However, the techniques used
to install the sign, the relation between visible structure and
criteria of identity, are different, just as Adam
Smith was different, the relationship between demand and price. In
throughout the eighteenth century the compilers of classifications
established signs by comparing visible structures, that is,
identifying relations between homogeneous elements, each of
which would, in accordance with the selected principle of organization
to serve as a representation of all the others; the only
the difference was in the fact that the taxonomists elements
the performance was recorded in advance and immediately, and the Methodists
they singled out gradually, consistent
mapping. However, the transition from described structure to
the basis of the classifier was entirely on the level
representative functions, in which the visible was expressed through
visible. Starting with Jussieu, Lamarck, and Vic d Azira, sign
or, more precisely, the transformation of the structure of the feature was
to settle on the principle lying outside the region of the visible, --
on the internal principle not reducible to the game of submissions.
This principle (in Economics it corresponds to work) --
the organic structure. As the basis of the taxonomies it
manifests itself in four different ways.

Pearl Necklace said...

It goes o the identity of the General and natural: offer
there is a performance; it articulates many of the same ways that
performance; but it has the ability to the different
way to articulate the representation it transforms into
it. The offer in itself is the view, articulated
another view, along with the ability to shift
forming and at the same time the freedom of discourse and the differences in language.
This is the first, most superficial, in any case, the most
obvious, a layer of articulation. Now all can become
the discourse, but in some still little differentiated language:
for a combination of names not yet anything other than monotony
the verb "to be" and its attribute function. However, the elements
the submission articulates according to a whole network of complex relations
(sequence, chain of command, following), which
you must enter the language in order to he truly could
to Express views. This is motivated by the fact that all the words
syllables and even letters circulating between nouns and
verbs should indicate the ideas of port Royal
called the "collateral" <$F Ibid., p.101.>. This requires
pretexts and unions; the right signs syntax, indicating
the relationship or compliance, and signs
dependency management