Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Cash King: Janardhana Reddy builds model palace for ...

The News Minute-Nov. 14, 2016
No faux-royal wedding is complete without a palace. Janardhana Reddy's money will be spent on building King Krishnadevaraya's palace, Lotus Mahal and ...
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Happy birthday, Prince Harry! 32 facts you need to know about ...

HELLO! Canada-Sep. 15, 2016
Though the talented royal is humble about the accomplishment, this means that ... And in 2011, Harry was honoured to be best man at his brother's wedding, ...
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Prince Charles leads at society wedding of the year 25, 2016
Indeed the marriage of Mountbatten heiress the Honourable Alexandra Knatchbull to entrepreneur Thomas Hooper attracted a royal attendance to rival Prince ...
The Queen attends 'society wedding of the year' as Prince ...
Highly 25, 2016
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'Royal wedding' of atheist group, Richard Dawkins Foundation ...

Religion News Service-Jan. 21, 2016
(RNS) It's like a royal wedding in the small world of atheist organizations: The Center for Inquiry and the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science ...


Pearl Necklace said...

The fact that the discourse consists of words that
consistently refer to what the submission.
The word designates, that is, by its nature it has a name.
A proper name, since it specifies only a certain
performance -- and nowhere else. So in contrast to
the uniformity of the verb, which is only universal
statement of attributively names are abundant, and it
endlessly. Ought to have as many of them as there
things which are subject to naming. But each name would then be
so strongly associated with only one view
it means that could not even Express
the slightest attributiveness; and the language would be degraded, "if we
had to amestitelj only their own names, they should
it would be multiplied without end. These words-and many of these words
burdened by the memory -- not arranged any objects
to our knowledge, nor, consequently, our ideas, and our speech
would be extremely confused" <$F Condillac. Grammaire,
p.152.>. Names can function in the phrase and allow
attributiveness only in the case if one of them (for
least attribute) indicates some common to many
representations of the element. The universality of the name as necessary
for parts of the discourse, but for forms of proposal you wish
the designation of being.

Pearl Necklace said...

is present when between two things
approved by the attributive bond, when they say that it is
that <$F Condillac. Grammaire, p.115.>. All kind of verb
is reduced to one, which means to be. All the others secretly
perform this single function, but they hide it
masking definitions: definitions are added here, and
instead say, "I am singing", I say "I sing";
here are added and specify the time and instead of
to say, "when I am singing," say "I sang". Finally,
in some languages, verbs have integrated the subject itself, so
for example, the Romans saying, not ego vivit, but vivo. All this is not
other than the deposition and deposition of tongue around and over one
verbal, very small but essential function;
"there is only the verb to be...abiding in its simplicity"
<$F Logique de Port-Royal, p.107. Wed.: Condillac. Grammaire,
In "L'origine des connaissances" history of the verb
analyzed several different way, but it's not
for his function.--D. Thiebault. Grammaire philosophique,
Paris, 1802, t.I, p.216.>. The whole essence of language is concentrated in
this one single word. Without it, all would remain
silent, and people, some animals could
to use their voice, but none of them emitted
screams never would put the beginning of the great chain of language.