Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Pippa Middleton Spills on Her Wedding, Her New Book, and ...

Glamour-Sep. 19, 2016
We're low-key obsessed with Pippa Middleton, which makes it even more frustrating/disappointing/maddening that the royal sis rarely gives an interview and ...
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Queen spotted Royal Wedding horse was sick a few weeks ... 11, 2016
Bugle Boy's sudden death drew headlines at the time, coming as it did during the Royal wedding, but the remarkable story behind it has only now come to light.
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Let's Take a Look Back at Queen Máxima's Fairy-Tale Royal ...

POPSUGAR-Feb. 2, 2016
Let's Take a Look Back at Queen Máxima's Fairy-Tale Royal Wedding ... in the 1970s was cause for controversy and led to his absence at the wedding.
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Princess Birgitta of Sweden's husband dies at the age of 83

Royal Central-Mar. 2, 2016
Princess Birgitta was the only one of her four sisters to make a royal marriage and thus retained the style 'Her Royal Highness'. The marriage produced two sons ...

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