Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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Brides Of Beverly Hills Wedding Dresses Seized

Cinema Blend-Nov. 25, 2011
Any women planning to go wedding dress shopping at Renee Strauss' high end shop in Beverly Hills, Ca. better make an appointment elsewhere: $500,000 in ...
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Kate Middleton's Catwalk Dress Sells for More Than $125000

People Magazine-Mar. 17, 2011
The see-through dress that is said to have sparked the royal romance of the century has gone under the hammer. The sheer number that Kate Middleton wore in ...
Memories of Diana's royal wedding gown
Emirates 24/7-Mar. 21, 2011
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Pictures: Kim Kardashian Goes Wedding Dress Shopping in ...

Zimbio-Jun. 28, 2011
Leave it to this star to have Vera Wang personally assist her with the perfect wedding dress. We're not sure when Kim's big day will be, but apparently a date has ...
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McQueen to design Kate Middleton's wedding dress?

Marie Claire.co.uk-Mar. 7, 2011
Rumour has it, Alexander McQueen's successor Sarah Burton will design Kate's all important bridal gown. Ever since Prince William and Kate Middleton ...

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