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Story image for wedding dress shopping from People Magazine

Kate's Wedding Dress Attracts 350000 Visitors – So Far

People Magazine-Sep. 5, 2011
It's standing room only at the Palace. Six weeks after it went on display – and with only one month left for the public to get a glimpse – more than 350,000 have ...
Story image for wedding dress shopping from People Magazine

Franklin Mint Unveils Kate Royal Wedding Doll

People Magazine-May 5, 2011
She was a doll on her wedding day in that stunning Alexander McQueen wedding gown. And now, Duchess Catherine literally is a doll – the Kate Middleton ...
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Kathy Ireland's latest business: Wedding dresses

CNNMoney-Jun. 6, 2011
Ireland, however, said the move into wedding dresses is a natural outgrowth for ... The dresses are now available at more than 200 stores in the United States.
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Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth's wedding today

SheKnows.com-Mar. 26, 2011
The lucky wedding dress designer is said to be celeb favorite Monique Lhuillier; Witherspoon was spotted shopping for dresses in the designer's boutique back ...
Reese Witherspoon Marries Jim Toth
People Magazine-Mar. 26, 2011


Pearl Necklace said...

It must be remembered that the policy of the organization on the title page, especially if it is not a scientific institution, and the Ministry, the plant, various enterprise, under whose auspices the research is carried out can reduce the sincerity of the answers, because as researchers are people who are subordinate to the Respondent. And although a special study of this relationship is not held, this opinion is not groundless. Sergei Mikhailov wrote: "best when it is organized scientific institution. When the organiser is the institution from which the examined person is highly dependent, the institution may adversely affect the accuracy of the information. In this case, you should find a way that eliminates this danger".
With this view we can not agree, from my own experience. Often customer research is the institution or company which, of course, indicated on the first page. Because of this, sometimes, though not frequently, have to deal with a certain suspicion, dissatisfaction, especially if the respondents performs engineering-technical or managerial staff. There are cases of refusals to complete the questionnaire. The output from such situations, according to S. Mikhailov, may be engaging in co-research teams or research under the supervision of public organizations.
Often the title sheet place the instruction on filling of the questionnaire. This is hardly correct, since greatly aggravates the first page, makes it perception. Manual is best put on a separate page.
Not always feasible to indicate on the title page the full name of the topic, the more her code name. On the title page of one of the questionnaires was written in the "Subject: "Structure - 77". Document 5". What is "Structure - 77"? For the researcher - is the code name of the subject, for Respondent - strange symbol. And all the strange causes mistrust, wariness. In another questionnaire on the first page it reads: "Subject: 0906 - 160001 - 005". "To develop and use guidelines in social planning and forecasting of enterprises and organizations". Difficult to motivate respondents to the questionnaire, starting it with a set of digits and a battery of incomprehensible words.

Pearl Necklace said...

The monocentric structure of the questionnaire used, as a rule, in the case when required in-depth and detailed study of any one factor, phenomenon, process. Thus, the study of the problem of improving the academic achievement of high school students the Central issue was about their performance. All other questions relating to satisfaction with living conditions, organization of educational process, practical training, sports, etc., was essentially subsidiary.
The analysis of answers allowed to find out how the academic performance of students depending on different factors (system factors). It can be used in different system of analysis is simple (double bond), and more complex. Ultimately, this allows us to offer a range of activities for practical process control. In particular, in one study of the problem of improving student performance, the main factors influencing the academic performance of students has been the ability of students to learn, regular training and a certain socio-professional orientation of students, in particular, focus on the acquisition of a specialty, etc.
The monocentric structure of the main part of the questionnaire has the features of positioning issues. So, the Central question is, as a rule, is in the middle of the questionnaire when the Respondent entered and up to date, and the rhythm of work, but still not tired. The other issues are concentrated around a Central, depending on their content and semantic relations or the nature of their perception of the Respondent.