Saturday, November 16, 2019

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Behind the Veil With Kleinfeld's Modest Bridal Consultant

Racked NY-Jun. 4, 2015
When Rochel Leah Katz, a consultant at iconic New York bridal boutique ... friends as "that person" to take along to fabric shops and dressmaker appointments. ... Once a bride purchases a gown—the brands she works with offer dresses in the ...
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Stars Of TLC's 'Curvy Brides': All Curves Are Beautiful

WUWM-May 3, 2015
Many brides burst into tears the first time they see themselves in a gown that celebrates their curves and makes them feel beautiful. Then their dress shopping ...
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Stone Fox Bride's Molly Guy On Perfect, Personalized Style ...

Forbes-Jun. 22, 2015
Shopping for a wedding dress can be overwhelming—how can brides narrow it down and know what's right for them? They should do their research beforehand ...
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Amanda & Shane 2, 2015
After a day of bridal gown shopping with her mom in Toronto, Amanda returned to Keswick dejected. “I spent the entire day in Toronto and I hated everything,” ...

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