Saturday, November 16, 2019

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The Under-$500 Wedding Dress of Your Dreams Has Arrived

POPSUGAR-Dec. 23, 2015
Though it may top her must-have list, that wedding gown just can't be chosen by ... Just scroll to shop the stunning — and oh yeah, affordable — looks now!
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Watch This Cool Bride Eat A Cheeseburger In Her Wedding ...

Cinema Blend-Dec. 4, 2015
Stars game a priority, attending a recent game in their actual wedding gear. On her big day, the wedding-dress clad girl in the video decided she wanted to chow ...
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Inside the Hilton sisters' family feud: Why Kyle's husband ...

Daily Mail-Dec. 9, 2015
Wedding day drama: While Kyle Richards was at Nicky Hilton's London ... who had been trying to help her find a suitable gown for the occasion: 'I was told it ...
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Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Celebrate Their Nuptials ...

People Magazine-Jun. 10, 2015
“Ian wanted to bring Nikki to his favorite store – and surprise her with a wedding gift,” a source says. ... “Nikki had so much fun shopping there,” the source says.

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