Saturday, November 16, 2019

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'Gowns for Good' gives away hundreds of wedding dresses to ... 21, 2015
Shopping for the perfect wedding dress can be extremely stressful. The right dress has to also fall in the right price range. But every single beaded, satin, tulle ...
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A consummate wedding-night letdown is far from unusual

The Globe and Mail-Apr. 30, 2015
"He helped me out of my dress and we drank champagne, ate a Mars bar and ... While consummation on the wedding night is still very much relevant among ...
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Shop It: The Best Celebrity Honeymoon Style (blog)-Jul. 22, 2015
If you thought Nicky Rothschild, formally Hilton, had an amazing wedding dress, take a look at her Instagram to see what she wore on her honeymoon.
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Brides Are Saying "No" to White Dresses — Here Are the ...

Mic-Nov. 2, 2015
"The majority of gowns I have sold this year are non-traditional," Portia Brady of the Etsy wedding shop TheodoraJames told Mic. "My brides lately have been ...

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