Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for wedding dress shopping from Racked NY

Be on the Lookout for a White by Vera Wang Showcase Truck

Racked NY-Sep. 28, 2011
The mobile showcase will feature two bridal gowns and four bridesmaids dresses inside, for the bride-to-be who prefers to do her wedding dress shopping on ...
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Kellie Pickler: Why I Ditched My Big Wedding and Eloped

People Magazine-Feb. 23, 2011
Unlike the wedding, the eloping didn't require much planning – just a fearless spirit. “All we did was I packed the wedding dress and packed him an outfit,” ...
Story image for wedding dress shopping from People Magazine

Catherine Middleton's Wedding Dress: Was It Inspired by ...

People Magazine-Apr. 29, 2011
For months, insiders speculated whether Catherine Middleton would follow the lead of her betrothed's mother, Princess Diana, when choosing her wedding ...
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Paul McCartney's bride-to-be Nancy Shevell shops for ...

Daily Mail-Sep. 20, 2011
The future Mrs. McCartney was spotted browsing for tiaras at several hat stores in the Upper East Side area of Manhattan yesterday accompanied by a friend.

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