Saturday, November 16, 2019

Story image for wedding dress shopping from People Magazine

Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray Talk Wedding Planning ...

People Magazine-Oct. 14, 2014
That's Andi Dorfman's approach to wedding planning, she and fiancĂ© Josh Murray told PEOPLE ... And it sounds like dress shopping is a joint endeavor.
Story image for wedding dress shopping from New York Post

Amal Alamuddin dazzles in Oscar de la Renta wedding gown

New York Post-Sep. 30, 2014
The hottest fashion question on wedding watchers' lips is what Amal Alamuddin wore for her wedding to George Clooney. And October's Vogue has the big ...
Story image for wedding dress shopping from The Guardian

My quest to buy wedding dress for under £500 at Bicester ...

The Guardian-Nov. 11, 2014
Wedding dress shopping: romantic fun or a great big bother? Could a bride on a budget, for whom the dream was wearing thin, find the answer in the cut-price ...
Story image for wedding dress shopping from Scottish Daily Record

Bride Carla tells how wedding dress shopping trip led her to ...

Scottish Daily Record-Jan. 15, 2014
CARLA Callaghan, 29, struggled to understand her exhaustion and bouts of intense numbness until a friend in a wedding dress shop helped spot the ...

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