Saturday, November 23, 2019

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William and Kate release official photographs of Prince George 19, 2013
... Princess of Wales, took their official engagement photos while Hugo Burnand took the photographs at the couple's royal wedding in 2011. He says of the royal ...
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Pippa Middleton might be secretly engaged?

USA TODAY-Sep. 1, 2013
It's been a summer of royal-related wedding rumors in the U.K., including Prince Harry and his cousin Princess Beatrice. Now Pippa Middleton's possible ...
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Are Fergie And Andrew Planning To RE-MARRY?

Daily Beast-Aug. 25, 2013
It is possible that the ever-practical Queen invited Fergie to Scotland because the next royal wedding could well be between Beatrice (the Queen's favorite ...
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Prince George's names are shared by Diana's nephews 29, 2013
Of course, the little Prince's name is intrinsically linked to the British royal family and has countless echoes throughout their history. King George V, the Queen's ...

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