Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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Video of Tony Fernandes' lavish wedding party leaked online

New Straits Times Online-Oct. 16, 2017
Video of Tony Fernandes' lavish wedding party leaked online .... KUALA LUMPUR: A video of AirAsia chief Tan Sri Tony Fernandes' wedding reception is now ...
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New Lok Sabha bill seeks to curb lavish weddings, introduces ... 17, 2017
A new bill recently introduced in the Lok Sabha seeks to put a cap on the number of guests invited or the number of dishes being served at a wedding, according ...
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Coronation Street first look at Eva and Maria's explosive ... 19, 2017
The pictures show furious bride Eva exploding with anger as she pushes Aidan's other woman into the fountain at their lavish wedding venue - before jumping in ...
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Billionaire Russian oligarch and Arsenal FC co-owner pays for ...

Daily Mail-Dec. 4, 2017
A billionaire Russian oligarch and co-owner of Arsenal Football Club has treated his niece and her tennis star husband to a jaw-droppingly lavish wedding ...

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