Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Unveiled: St Andrews, where William and Kate found love

CNN International-Mar. 22, 2011
The university's grand academic buildings are interspersed with shopping streets ... where Prince William famously saw Kate modeling "that" see-through dress, ...
Story image for wedding dress shopping from People Magazine

Chely Wright's Wedding Dress Revealed

People Magazine-Aug. 22, 2011
“The Blitzer-wrights,” Tweeted Blitzer, 30, on the day of her wedding, along with the photo of the women standing face-to-face in long wedding gowns by J. Crew ...
Story image for wedding dress shopping from People Magazine

TEST -- Is Prince William Wearing Red on His Wedding Day?

People Magazine-Feb. 10, 2011
On April 29, Kate Middleton's wedding dress will be the most talked-about article of clothing on the planet. But what about her groom's outfit? Prince William may ...
Story image for wedding dress shopping from Daily Mail

'Lovely dress, dear, pity you're too fat for it': Tears, break-ups ...

Daily Mail-Apr. 20, 2011
Often Mum has travelled a long way and dress shopping is a highly-charged occasion in itself, not only important for the wedding but an important milestone in ...

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