Friday, November 15, 2019

Story image for wedding dress shopping from Toronto Star

Toronto shop steps up for Fort McMurray bride whose dress ...

Toronto Star-May 6, 2016
It took a year for √Člise Boissonneault to find a wedding gown she loved, and only moments for it to be destroyed. When the evacuation order came on Tuesday, ...
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The J. Crew bridal dress is dead. But the casual wedding it ...

National Post-Nov. 16, 2016
Twelve years ago, when J. Crew first started selling bridal gowns, it was an ... But it wasn't just about the product and the shopping experience: Women also ...
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9 Things Shopping For A Plus Size Wedding Dress Taught Me

Bustle-Apr. 17, 2016
was, "Oh no, now I have to run the gauntlet that is shopping for a plus size wedding dress." While I've never been wedding obsessed, per se, I'm interested ...
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15 Horrifying Things Brides Have Been Told While Wedding ... 27, 2016
In movies, wedding shopping is one of those experiences that involves lots of pretty gowns, a few loved ones and a helpful consultant, all culminating in a teary ...

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