Friday, November 15, 2019

Story image for wedding dress shopping from InStyle

Every Wedding Dress Silhouette You Need to Know

InStyle-Jun. 14, 2016
Shopping for the perfect wedding dress can sometimes be overwhelming — among a sea of beautiful gowns out there, how do you choose THE one? It's simple ...
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Kristian Bush goes wedding dress shopping, helps others say ...

The Tennessean-May 10, 2016
Country singer Kristian Bush was told he was going to a mom and pop bridal store in New York City to help his guitar tech and the tech's fiancĂ©e pick out a dress ...
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Anomalie cuts the insane markups out of custom wedding ...

TechCrunch-Dec. 7, 2016
Wedding-dress shopping should be a fairy tale, but it's usually a scam. You pay $5,000 for a dress that costs $200 to make. Bridal boutiques hide the brands on ...
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Ali Fedotowsky Goes Wedding Dress Shopping After ...

Entertainment Tonight-Aug. 12, 2016
Ali Fedotowsky is finally saying yes to the dress! After postponing her nuptials to Kevin Manno twice this year, the former Bachelorette star took to Snapchat on ...

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