Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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The Rockford Vintage Market

WIFR-Jun. 23, 2018
Some of the items at this event feature home and garden goods, furniture, clothing, Jewelry, art and many children's items. Not only could you purchase vintage ...
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Inside a Jewelry Closet Filled with Vintage Treasures and ...

coveteur.com-Oct. 22, 2018
If you love looting a friend or loved one's jewelry box, imagine if their collection was actually housed in multiple drawers inside a closet full of vintage, gold, and ...
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12 Search Terms We Can't Stop Using for Our Online Vintage ...

Who What Wear-Oct. 25, 2018
In case you're not especially savvy when it comes to shopping vintage or ... "'Baroque pearl jewelry' will get you the kind of organic-shaped pearls that are ...
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What Fred Leighton's Private Collection Reveals About the ...

Robb Report-Apr. 13, 2018
Soon, Mondschein began adding accessories to the store's inventory—he began by stocking hand-crafted silver jewelry from Mexico, and later added vintage ...

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