Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for vintage jewelry from Who What Wear

The Most Stunning Vintage Engagement Rings, From $295 to ...

Who What Wear-Jul. 18, 2019
When it comes to vintage engagement rings, there are too many pros to count. ... From true heritage pieces of jewelry to more affordable dainty options, the ...
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Susan F. Garten, who brought an enthusiasm for vintage ...

Baltimore Sun-Mar. 9, 2019
Mrs. Garten, whose focus was on antique and estate jewelry, named the store Heirloom Jewels, and moved to Pomona Square in Pikesville before settling in ...
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Little Details Go a Long Way in This San Francisco Jewelry ...

Architectural Digest-May 16, 2019
There's also one-of-a-kind estate jewelry, and No.3's in-house collection will be available in the store once it launches later this fall. I mean, what more could you ...
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The Best Jewelry On The Internet Is Hiding In Plain Sight On ...

Refinery29-Nov. 18, 2019
The Best Jewelry On The Internet Is Hiding In Plain Sight On Etsy ... And while the site's vintage selection is not to be missed, this time of year, we're looking for ...

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