Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for vintage jewelry from Hollywood Reporter

Rare Red Carpet-Ready Vintage Jewels Could Fetch $8M at ...

Hollywood Reporter-Apr. 10, 2019
Rare Red Carpet-Ready Vintage Jewels Could Fetch $8M at Christie's Auction ... They're quite impressive,” says Daphne Lingon, head of jewelry for Christie's ...
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Own antique jewelry? Look for these markings to determine ...

The Desert Sun-Aug. 16, 2019
There's an old saw that the reason most of us only know a good opera when we see one is because someone told us so. The same is true with jewelry. Lacking ...

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Shoppers score retro jewelry, designer brands at Edgewater ...

WGN-TV-Mar. 9, 2019
CHICAGO — Shoppers had plenty of options this weekend at the Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show, which showcased fashion from the Roaring '20s ...
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Heritage by Ariel Gordon Is a Vintage Jewelry Bonanza

JCK-Oct. 15, 2019
All of the pieces have been inspected by a third-generation, GIA-certified estate jewelry dealer to properly date the jewels, identify the materials, and note any ...

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