Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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The best Toronto cameos from the Royal Wedding

Toronto Life-May 19, 2018
We also know for sure who from Toronto attended (or didn't—ahem, Justin and Sophie). Here, a few of our favourite appearances: The night before the wedding, ...
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The Funniest Tweets From The Royal Wedding 19, 2018
As Harry and Meghan tie the knot and we dry our collective eyes, we look at the one thing that will be remembered forever from this auspicious day and passed ...
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James Corden's Royal Wedding Experience Was Everyone's ...

Vanity Fair-May 22, 2018
If there were ever a moment to be silent as a church mouse, it's at a royal wedding. Unfortunately, as James Corden discovered over the weekend, this is much ...
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Who Will Pay for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding? 29, 2018
"I can't imagine Harry and Meghan would be able to achieve the wedding they ... Morality aside, the 2018 royal wedding is expected to provide a £500 million ...

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