Friday, November 22, 2019

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Sofia Hellqvist on Swedish royal family: 'I felt welcome since ...

HELLO! US-Jan. 9, 2015
Sofia Hellqvist on Swedish royal family: 'I felt welcome since day one' ... Sitting down with her fiancĂ© for the documentary, The Year with the Royal Family , the ...

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A slice of Princess Diana and Prince Charles wedding cake ... 18, 2015
The slice of Charles and Diana's wedding cake sold for £920 at auction ... The cake is not the only piece of memorabilia from the royal wedding to be sold at ...
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Flower Girl Kisses Ring Bearer In Wedding Photo, And 5 Other ...

Bustle-Jun. 18, 2015
W.C. Fields is credited for the famous show biz adage, "Never work with animals or children." That's probably true if you want things to go according to plan—in ...
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Jay Chou's and Hannah Quinlivan's storybook wedding: Other ...

The Straits Times-Jan. 19, 2015
It does not get any grander than a royal wedding and around 300 million people around the world were glued to the proceedings at the stately Westminster ...

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