Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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She Wanted Lavish, He Was Fine With City Hall

New York Times (blog)-Jun. 8, 2018
The moment Chauncey Kearney broke out in a rash upon hearing the cost of flowers for his May 24 wedding was a moment of reckoning for his fiancée, Chanet ...
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Chinese flaunt their wealth through weddings as Beijing ...

ABC News-Dec. 7, 2018
After a national forum on marriage etiquette and customs, the Government urged for an end to "vulgar" wedding practices, "money worship", lavish ceremonies, ...

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How 'Hurricane Meghan' Is Shaking Up The Royals 19, 2018
... her wedding – an elegant boat-necked creation from fashion house Givenchy. ... two-bedroom Nottingham Cottage into Kensington Palace's lavish 21-room ...
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Ikkyawann's Namish Taneja suffers hairline fracture; resumes ...

PINKVILLA-Jan. 17, 2018
Namish Taneja, who is currently seen in Star Plus' daily series Ikkyawann, recently got injured while playing football. The actor had to resume the shoot ...

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