Tuesday, November 26, 2019

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See Gina Rodriguez's Two Romantic Wedding Dresses, Worn ...

PEOPLE.com-May 6, 2019
Gina Rodriguez looked like a true bridal beauty as she walked down the aisle in a stunning satin Pronovias mermaid dress to marry her longtime love Joe ...
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Inside the most glamorous, star-studded 'fake' wedding ever ...

nypost.com-May 11, 2019
“The truth was that Andi never wanted to marry Jordan; she just wanted a lavish wedding experience, a public-relations stunt and the attention that came with it,” ...
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How Princess Beatrice's Wedding Will Differ From Her Sister ...

Showbiz Cheat Sheet-Oct. 7, 2019
It will be televised in most countries, which means, not only does it have to be lavish, but it has to live up to all the other royal weddings that have come before it.
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'BIP's Ashley Iaconetti Stuns In2nd Wedding Dress ...

Hollybaby-Aug. 12, 2019
Ashley Iaconetti proved two really is better than one when she whipped out a STUNNING 2nd dress at her Aug. 11 wedding to Jared Haibon. After walking down ...

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