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Sales of maternity wedding dresses soar (in white of course ...

Daily Mail-Jan. 29, 2009
She has seen sales of her range of maternity wedding dresses, ranging from £135 up to £369, soar recently, reaching sales of 1,000 dresses in 2008 alone - 50 ...
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Here comes the bridesmaid... Katie Holmes plays maid of ...

Daily Mail-Nov. 17, 2009
Katie Holmes plays maid of honour to radiant onscreen bride Anna Paquin ... the bride: Anna Paquin wears a stunning shoestring strap wedding dress during ...
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'Brothers & Sisters' recap: Life goes on

Entertainment Weekly-Oct. 12, 2009
Justin and Rebecca, who'd gone wedding dress shopping with a champagne-guzzling and carpe diem-spouting Kitty before her announcement, also ...

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OLED Space Dress and LED Wedding Dress - Next Wave or ...

Treehugger-Dec. 11, 2009
Remember that lovely and interesting dress covered in wind-powered LEDs in the pattern of daisies? Well it seems that was just the tip of the iceberg when it ...

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Pearl Necklace said...

"All that he sees medieval man-writes P. Bitsilli,
-- he tries to interpret itself symbolically. Howling around him
full of special meaning, mysterious meaning, and in accordance with this
attitude to reality, he creates his own science about it. (...) Things are not
just can serve as symbols, not we are investing in them symbolic
content; they are the essence of symbols, and the task of the knowing subject is reduced to
disclosure of their true value. For after all, creatures God created to
to be characters and to serve the learning people" (P. 15).
From the last sentence it becomes clear the thread leading to the second
component of the medieval world -- hierarchism. But about it later.
After all, the person receives a symbolic interpretation: "Every man is
a living symbol of God, but there are people, symbolic meaning which is expressed with
special certainty" (p. 38). If we stopped here, we would get
in the area of charismatic, open to the Western world by max
Weber (Veber M. Politics as a vocation and a profession // Veber M.
Selected works. -- M., 1990. S. 646-647). But P. Bitsillibuilds
this same characteristic in the religious side: "Around God's people
grouped seeking God, value them, it is "conformity to God."
The veneration of St. Francis in some circles, is reduced to petty accusatory
"soobrazhenij" his Christ: parallelism must be maintained to the end, in
the most seemingly insignificant detail; in man the symbol is important
the symbolic side, the similarity in the external circumstances of life
therefore, recognized the special value" (p. 38-39).
P. Bitsilli draws attention to the systematics created
the structure of the characters. On the one hand, we are talking about respect, character and
symbolized by: "in a symbol transferred by the properties. And
back is painted the color represented by the symbol" (p. 33). Unity
such systems are explained simply enough: "Sustainability and
the inputted characters are due to the fact that all things-symbols-in
equally creatures of God and bear the imprint of the Creator. Other
words, then, which is why things generally have the ability to serve as symbols of
the intelligible "things" itself serves as a guarantee of their compliance
symbolized by.