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Royal Wedding: Sylvanian Family model rabbits on Prince ... 4, 2011
The Japanese toy company, which manufactures the popular collection of miniature dogs, bears, cats, penguins and squirrels is launching a special set of ...
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Outrageous royal wedding hat topped out at $131000 for charity

Christian Science Monitor-May 23, 2011
The rose-colored hat, which looked like a giant wedding ring with a bow tied atop it, has its own Facebook page – "Princess Beatrice's ridiculous Royal Wedding ...
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Royal wedding: What are the royal advisers for?

BBC News-Feb. 12, 2011
As Prince William and Kate Middleton prepare for their wedding and marriage, and look forward ultimately to assuming the roles of King and Queen, they are ...
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Victoria Beckham at the royal wedding: Rate the hat

Washington Post (blog)-Apr. 29, 2011
The royal wedding is upon us. And so are the hats. The perpetually fashion-forward Victoria Beckham has opted for a petite navy blue chapeau with accents best ...
ROYAL SCREW-UP: David Beckham Wore His Medal ...
The Business Insider-Apr. 29, 2011

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