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Royal wedding: David Cameron tells councils to stop spoiling ... 10, 2011
The response to the royal wedding has been mixed, with some areas trying to replicate the fervour that surrounded the Prince of Wales's wedding in 1981 and ...
Where To Watch The Royal Wedding
Londonist-Apr. 10, 2011
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The road to Scotland's first royal wedding in 20 years

BBC News-Mar. 9, 2011
There hasn't been a royal wedding in Scotland for nearly 20 years. The last was Princess Anne's marriage to Timothy Laurence at Crathie Kirk, near Balmoral in ...
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Princess Margaret in her nightie, sweets from the Queen of ...

Daily Mail-Jan. 8, 2011
As the weeks wore on, the frenzy over the royal wedding grew. The government named the date a public holiday. People prepared to celebrate with parties.
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"Now Know Ye..." - Queen consents to royal wedding

Reuters-Apr. 21, 2011
LONDON (Reuters) - The Queen has given her formal consent to the marriage of grandson Prince William and Kate Middleton in the form of a historic hand ...

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