Friday, November 15, 2019

Story image for wedding dress shopping from Daily Mail

Princess Diana's wedding dress designer reveals the type of ...

Daily Mail-Aug. 1, 2016
The co-designer of Princess Diana's stunning wedding dress has voiced his opinion ... the advice he gives to all brides-to-be when it comes to dress shopping.
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Wedding Dressing for Two (or More)

New York Times-Jul. 14, 2016
Wedding-dress shopping is a rite of passage for any bride. But throw in the physical demands of pregnancy — a rapidly expanding middle, growing bra size and ...
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Cece & Winston Go Wedding Dress Shopping On 'New Girl ...

Bustle-Feb. 2, 2016
Sometimes the best friendships are the ones that come completely out of left field and that's exactly what New Girl looked to prove during Tuesday night's ...
New Girl recap: The top 5 moments from Bob & Carol & Nick ...
Blog-Entertainment Weekly (blog)-Feb. 2, 2016
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'90 Day Fiance': Anfisa Says She 'Deserves' a $45000 Dress ...

TheWrap-Oct. 7, 2016
'90 Day Fiance': Anfisa Says She 'Deserves' a $45,000 Dress (Exclusive Video) ... Anfisa and Jorge go wedding-dress shopping together, making them prime ...

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