Friday, November 15, 2019

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H&M Now Has Your Wedding Dress Needs Covered

Refinery29-Mar. 18, 2016
"We made one wedding dress when we collaborated with Viktor & Rolf," ... houses, thanks to those designer collabs that reliably send us into a shopping frenzy.
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Houghton Introduces 'See Now, Buy Now' for Wedding ...

Fashionista (blog)-Apr. 18, 2016
"Shop the runway can work for some people, but generally speaking, you really want to take your time in trying a wedding dress because there are so many ...
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'She won't be outdone by her sister': Experts say Pippa will ...

Daily Mail-Jul. 20, 2016
As Pippa Middleton starts planning her wedding after James Matthews ... is making you want to go on a summer wardrobe shopping spree (any excuse, eh?) ... Atwell also believes that Pippa may have two wedding dresses - a traditional one ...
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Emmy Rossum Reveals Carolina Herrera Will Design Her ... 6, 2016
Emmy Rossum is this much closer to wearing her dream dress. The Shameless star revealed that Carolina Herrera will be designing a wedding dress for her ...

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