Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Prince Harry surprises boarding school by turning up in ... 28, 2015
The fifth in line to the throne was the unannounced guest of honour presenting medals and inspecting the parade at The Duke of York's Royal Military School in ...
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Swedish royal wedding: everything you need to know about ... 9, 2015
While the ceremony is scheduled for Saturday afternoon at the palace's royal chapel in Stockholm, a pre-wedding dinner will take place on Friday evening, ...
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Royal enthusiasts begin to gather outside Lindo Wing: 'It's like ... 22, 2015
Joining Margaret are fellow royal devotees David Jones and 60-year-old John Loughery, who camped out overnight before the royal wedding in 2011.
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Judy Murray: wedding made me prouder than Wimbledon win 14, 2015
Andy Murray's wedding with long term girlfriend Kim Sears made his mother ... Cathedral on Saturday in what has been dubbed "Scotland's royal wedding".

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