Saturday, November 23, 2019

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Prince Felix of Luxembourg weds Claire Lademacher in an ... 17, 2013
Another stunning brunette has joined the ranks of Europe's princesses with the wedding of Prince Felix of Luxembourg and his German sweetheart Claire ...
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What a royal rave-up! It's the poshest wedding since Kate and ...

Daily Mail-Jun. 21, 2013
After that hilarious, fake-tanned Tamara Ecclestone knees-up in the South of France last week, it's time for a properly grand affair to raise the tone of the wedding ...
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Luxembourg royal wedding: the best moments from Prince ... 23, 2013
On Saturday 21 September Prince Felix of Luxembourg and his German love Claire Lademacher said 'I do' again in a lavish religious ceremony in the South of ...
Felix-Claire royal wedding in Luxembourg
Emirates 24/7-Sep. 22, 2013
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Royal wedding: Nigerian prince marries in Loughgall village

BBC News-Aug. 16, 2013
A small village in Northern Ireland has become the unlikely setting for a royal wedding. A Nigerian prince and a County Armagh teacher have tied the knot in the ...

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