Saturday, November 23, 2019

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Pregnant Chloe Delevingne wears Victoria Beckham's £1500 ...

Daily Mail-May 16, 2014
Pregnant Chloe Delevingne wears Victoria Beckham's £1,500 voluminous cloud dress to sister Poppy's wedding and shows off burgeoning baby bump.
Poppy Delevingne and James Cook's wedding (blog)-May 17, 2014
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Queen's Royal Ascot-winning horse tests positive for banned ... 23, 2014
Queen's Royal Ascot-winning horse tests positive for banned substance morphine ... Her Majesty, 88, who cheered the horse on to success at Royal Ascot last ...
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Melinda Gates presented with Chatham House Prize by Duke ... 21, 2014
The Prince roared with the laughter when he was inadvertently introduced as his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, to the reception at the Royal United ...

15 years ago, this wedding shattered Ugandan records

The Observer (blog)-Aug. 27, 2014
This was the first royal wedding Ugandans were witnessing in 50 years and Robert Mugagga takes you down memory lane, compiling great moments that made ...

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